Client Love


I know I haven't been checking in a lot lately, life got so busy!  But I have to say that this week's message went straight to my heart.  I really needed to hear that!

--M, Netherlands

I need more of what you do!

It was wonderful getting your message and your reading is exact. Everything in your reading rings true, I have this urge to de-clutter and have started. I am walking around in circles, it's like I need to do something but can't quite figure it out yet. All this to say I think I would like a session with you to get a full reading. I am at the point I am exploring different things and what you do interests me. Can we set something up.    --Julie, Ottawa

Absolute magic!

Reading through the document felt like absolute magic was taking place. Everything you wrote made so much sense, and resonated on a very deep level. I am just bubbling with excitement! You were dead on with my current situation - it was uncanny! I haven't a doubt in my mind about whether this program is for me! I can't wait to meet with you again!  --Taylor, Virginia

I'm feeling free!

Jaz, you're really making me think.  I hadn't thought about this aspect of me for a long time.  I didn't know how it was still blocking me now.  I didn't take the time, with life being so busy, to reflect about why I am the way I am.  Wow-- I'm feeling more and more free!

K. in South Stormont

I feel so blessed and connected to Spirit

Good Morning Jaz,  I just wanted to let you know that the reading exceeded all my hopes (am trying to let go of that word "expectations")!  It was amazing and I can't thank you enough!  I am deciding on a place for my Sanctuary as I write this. I have already been outside working with my soil for spring planting! I am amazed at how you were able to see me so well without ever seeing or speaking with me. I feel very blessed and connected to Spirit. Thank you ever so much! 

-- Jill, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I learned to take care of ME.

With all the things that I learned and experienced, I feel empowered to take life more slowly on the one hand and be more in control on the other hand.  Thank you so much for bringing this in my life and for doing it in such a way that I felt confident enough to try it all and share my experiences.

Dear Jaz,

Thank you for getting back to me...I just couldn't help not to contact you and thank you for your Oracle reading and to tell you how accurate you were. I was so amazed with your reading at the Zoomer's show and again by email... YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! AMAZING!!! INCREDIBLE!!! There are not enough words to describe YOU (you are such a beauty with such a gentle, soft face) but especially your work/reading...(just don’t know what proper words to use)

I just would like to THANK YOU so much for sending me this reading. It took my breath away while reading it with my mouth wide open and even more wide my eyes open ... I couldn’t believe HOW accurate you are! And you knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about me or even less (if this is possible) about this man I met on line a couple months ago… At least we (you and I) met in person at the Zoomer’s show but you never laid your eyes on him…had no idea about him and how he looks…etc.

You knew nothing about our communications, what we were writing to each other, our beliefs, who we are and where we were coming from…NOTHING. As much as I am a strong believer in supernatural, it still boggles my mind when it happens. I am very logical person (and spiritual at the same time) and, at first when it happens, I try to explain things with logic, then with science…but as you already know yourself, there are things impossible to explain with either, logic or science. You just have to believe and accept them as they are. I still don't know how yo do it!!!!

--E, from Toronto

Lots of interesting points to ponder...

Thank you for the lovely reading! Lots of interesting points to ponder. I love how you picked up on my intuitive things happening right now. I am often flooded with ideas and inspiration and sometimes find it overwhelming or I lose sleep. I always forget to ask spirit to slow it down, so it is good to be reminded! Lots of other great points too - all very relevant! I will read over it a few times more and journal on it. Thanks so much for this.  

--Lori, Saskatchewan

Mind. Blown.

Wow you blow me away.  This is exactly what is going on with me right now, Spirit are saying believe, let go and fly. It's reoccurring. And to love myself to believe And be grateful for the journey I have had and am on.  You are an amazing person, thank you for gifting me this reading.  Soooo excited. :).  Such a positive reading.  

Thank you.  --Katie, London, UK

You need Jaz in your mentoring toolbox

Jaz's Akashic Record report was enormously insightful for me.  It pinpointed situations and circumstances in my current life that have manifested from previous lifetimes.  It explained my energy drain as well as why I FEEL so deeply.  She gave me practical guidance and exercises to clear old energy and more fully live in my physical life.  Coupled with her practical life experience, she is a woman you need in your mentoring toolbox.  Jaz is a spiritual guide ahead of her time.  Much Love and Light.

--Vanessa, Ottawa

Thank you for living your purpose

I have no human words -- only heartfelt love for the guidance you are giving not only to your potential clients, but indeed the support you give to us, your fellow soul travellers.  You are a true luminary, committed to helping everyone unconceal their true passion and purpose.

--Love & Sparkles

Spiritual guidance I can actually understand and act upon!

Jaz is absolutely incredible! After just one session with her I already have a better understanding of who I am, who my ideal clients are, what's best way to handle my business.   I got so many affirmations on how I live my life and run my business. Many of them are ones that I've been told over and over again are "not the ideal way to run your business". 

I feel so seen and heard. I love that I can understand what was shared with me. I love energy work and all the things that go with working with it. I find when I talk to people in this field I don't always understand what they're saying, the terms they use and leave with just a little bit of a understanding what they said. 

When I had my meeting with Jaz, I left with actionable things that I could do right away such as having my morning and evening routine, things that I could incorporated in my day to help make my business and personal life better. How to have a vision for my world and future. 

I can't thank Jaz enough for all the insights that she's given me and I look forward to working with her more in the future!

-- Bree, Edmonton

More manifesting flow

Since I've released many fears, beliefs and doubts, I now find it so much easier to follow my intuition and focus my energy and intention.  I'm not trying to manifest from a dark cloud anymore.  I can easily put worries aside and do my magic rituals without attaching to the outcome.


Animal Companion Reading

Morning Jaz,   Thank you for a beautiful Animal Companion read.  JAKE is a beautiful soul. He has gave me so much. It is an honour that he chose me to spend the last few years of his life with.  Thank you.  

--  Brenda and Jake, UK

Accurate & insightful manifesting

Thank you so much Jaz for that very accurate and insightful reading. You are spot on with the initial card, I have been fearful as I am going to jointly own the home with another person/friend but I will be the one living there. I cannot believe how fast this is happening and it's all taken me by surprise and shock that the money has come and the security is offered. I manifested this but cannot believe the speed it has come. thank you again xx  

--Daina, New Zealand

Feeling safe to heal

Jaz is a loving, compassionate, supportive healer and guide, providing a beautiful safe energy to allow people to really tap in and tune into one's personal healing.


You're like a warm cookie

Jaz, you give off this energy -- like stepping into a friendly kitchen and being offered a fresh-from-the-oven cookie.  I feel immediately welcomed, peaceful, at home. I feel safe with you.  I can talk about deep stuff.  It's easy to open up to you.

And it's also fun to brainstorm all the possibilities and how to make them happen.

Thank you.

--C in Ottawa

Jaz is a great teacher. She brings her professional skills to the task and her ability to see beyond the question is highly developed. I strongly recommend her and look forward to her insights on future courses as my new life evolves.  

--  David Rawnsley / Author of: The Journey: from Science to Spirituality and founder and facilitator of the FORUM.

What often happens in a Crystal Reiki session...

My client:  I don't know about this crystal stuff.  It's hard for me to relax.  I'm not sure I'll get much out of it...

Client, 10 minutes later: (((snores)))

Also client, at end of session: What? We're done?  It felt like 5 minutes!  Was I out?  I feel like I've slept for a whole night.  I don't want to go.  Can I stay longer?

Me : (Mona Lisa smile...)