The Crystal Wisdom Experience

Multi-dimensional healing to manifest the transformation you're craving for.

The work I do fosters real, lasting transformation. It's for people who have had enough of sitting on the fence, watching their life on the sidelines... and actually start taking that soul-fuelled aligned action to create the life, relationships and business they are craving for.

Stop sabotaging your best life.

Reclaim your power, knowing that empowerment is not power over others but power over your own fears and limitations.  

Power is self-love, self-compassion and self-confidence.  

Being empowered means having the courage and inner strength to live in alignment with one's own soulful blueprint and desires. 

It is your divine birthright to claim this and nurture this within you -- and then to extend this to your family, your community, your clients.

Hi! I'm Jaz.

I'm on a mission to help people reconnect their beautiful brains with their hearts and their bodies so they leave the stress-train behind and hop on to the happiness lane.  

Because you can't just think your way through life.

You can't just think your way to happy.

You can't just rationalize every feeling you have unless you want the sleepless anxiety-ridden nights to continue.

I know, because I've tried.  And failed.  

Then I discovered that life is more fun -- and I'm much happier -- when I get out of my head and down into my body.  When I give voice to what I'm really feeling, to what has been accumulating inside.

I have conversations with my chakra centres, with parts of my body that are in physical pain, with that stress point behind my shoulders, with the little girl I used to be and the wise woman I'm becoming...  I allow them to move and tell me their story of why they're there and what they want to tell me.  Then I have those "oh... OOOH!!" moments of intense clarity.

It's a little bit like cleaning up that junk drawer at the back of the kitchen that you barely open except for throwing in an other item that doesn't go anywhere else.  "I'll get to it later," you say... Until the drawer is so full it's spilling out everywhere.  Especially when the in-laws are visiting.  Eek!

That junk drawer that I would ignore... that was my heart.  Those were all the emotions I couldn't handle so I stuffed them down.  I didn't want to look at them.  I wanted to pretend they didn't even exist.

When I started my Reiki journey back in 2007 I was able to look into that mess of emotions in a way that was healthy and safe.  Then I discovered Chakradance™ in 2013 and that's when *everything* came together for me, body, mind and soul... science, psychology, mythology, crystals, astrology, body movement...  That's when I was really able to release the fears keeping me a prisoner of my mind... and find the freedom to BE ME.

I know, because I've experienced it myself and with my clients as an Intuitive Coach since 2010, that the best healing and growth happen when you allow your brain to relax and lovingly embrace all the parts of who you are.  

That's why I'm blending everything I know in Crystal Wisdom Healing to give you a sacred space to explore all the different parts of you.  I'm inviting you to journal, to meditate, to dance, to walk in Nature, to create rituals, to receive beautiful healing sessions, to connect with the Moon...  These are all different paths to explore to come back to the truth of who you are.  

You too can feel whole, connected, peaceful and joyful.  I'll show you how.

This is sacred work.

My clients tell me: "Jaz, when you create sacred space, I can really feel it! This is so powerful! I really feel that I'm in the presence of the goddess. I can let go of my worries and heal."

Creating deep, holy sacred space is an art. It takes practice. It requires an authentic connection with the divine. It requires an attunement and sensitivity to the space, the elements and the people who will contribute in the creation of the sacred space.

When you create a sacred space, you open up a liminal space, a portal between the worlds of the tangible and intangible. You help people reconnect with what's beyond the "normal" physical senses.

This deep connection to the sacred will help you heal and gain insights about yourself in a way that is loving and powerful.

My role is to help you reclaim your deep sense of inner peace, confidence and wellbeing.  

I will channel information for you, guide you, and witness you as your life, business and desires unfold for you.  

I'm your co-pilot, interpreting the map of life for you; 

I'm your midwife, helping you birth your projects and new sense of self; 

I'm your companion, journeying with you, listening to your stories, and keeping you awake as you make your way through the highs and lows.

But always, I will remind you that you are in the driver's seat of your own life.  

You get to choose if and when you will follow the road markers.  

You get to choose what you want to claim for yourself, and which story you wish to live.  

I believe you are a powerful, magical manifestrix.  The River of Life flows through you.  You are made of stardust.  You are animated by the divine flame of passion and the breath of cosmic whispers.  

You already know all this, deep down in your bones.  I'll help you remember how to live from this truth.

Nurture an unshakable confidence in who you are. 

Unlock your creativity. 

Become inspired to new levels of self-awareness and personal empowerment

Feel renewed in the realization that your life is a sacred journey in which you can reclaim your divine co-creative power.  

You will feel more calm, serene and happy -- no matter what life brings your way.

A few more quirks about me...

And if you're still curious about me... here are some of my training & certifications.

I believe in continued education and personal growth!