My Story

There’s something really powerful about midlife, isn’t there?

You spend all your life following orders, being the good girl, striving to be the perfect wife, mother, friend, employee…  

You spend your whole life trying to figure out what life is all about.

You spend a lifetime (and perhaps a fortune) trying to make your body look a certain way because it should.

You loose yourself in what others tell you what success, finances, career, beauty, happiness should be for you.

You forget who you are, what you truly love and what brings you joy — a sacrifice you thought normal in the service of your family and career.

You have countless sleepless nights wondering what’s wrong with you — you have all the things, why can't you just be happy?

And then one day… maybe it’s a snap! or maybe it’s something that’s been simmering for a while that reaches its boiling point… maybe it's the shadow cast by all those candles on your birthday cake... you just know that something isn’t right.

...You know something has to change. 

...You’ve had enough of being Wonder Woman, strong for everyone else.

...You realize that life is short and you better start living it, not just existing in it.

...You stop censoring yourself, your needs and your desires.

Maybe one day you look in the mirror and you say, “Eff that! Those rules don’t work for me.  From this day forward, I’m doing life my way.

There is something truly majestic about midlife women stepping into their confidence and owning their brilliance!

I was raised to be a good Catholic girl, and yet inside of me I rebelled because I could not agree with the traditional role given to women; I could not agree with the general disempowerment; I could not agree that there was only one narrow path to bliss and that it is pebbled with pain and suffering.

I tried my best to be a good employee during my 13-year career with the government, and yet I rebelled because I could not agree with the zombie culture of “go in, keep your head down, do your work, go home.  Maybe in 30 years you can retire and do what you love.  For now, take the salary and be quiet.”  Wait 30 years before I can live and enjoy life?!?  I know too many people who have waited until retirement to do what they loved — and didn’t get to do it because they got sick and died.  Sad but true.  I declared that I did not want that for my fate, and I quit the golden cage.

I took years of coaching & training to be a good entrepreneur and coach.  I wanted to get things right: marketing, strategy, techniques… and yet nothing felt right.  No matter which coach I worked with, I was doing something wrong even if I was following their templates to the letter.  They made me believe there was something wrong with me.

The slow boil had started.  I joined a group of heart-centred women entrepreneurs and one of the first things I declared was, “I don’t want to be an effin’ coach anymore!  It’s not ME.  The rules of the game don’t work for me: the hardest I try, the less success I see — for me and for my clients.  I’m done.  I can't do one more burnout.  I’m not sure what’s next, but I’m ready to explore.

This group of women held me while I released everything that didn’t work for me. They cheered me on while I reconnected with what brings me joy in life and business.  They respected my inner process in our monthly shares.  My business goals were never to make the quick 6-figure month or nail the next big launch, and they encouraged me to find the goals and strategies that work for me.

Being given permission to be YOU, without pressure, without apology, without guilt… it’s such wonderful gift!

The boiling point with the snap! and sprinkled with the rumble of thunder came around December 2021, after two years of shut-down due to the pandemic; my first season as an empty-nester; the sudden death of my father-in-law followed two weeks later by the sudden passing of my beloved dog Maya.  

Grief upon grief, I burned down like the phoenix.  I closed my websites.  I retired all my programs.  I gave myself grace and space.

In the depth of winter and personal darkness, I found calm.  What I know for sure down in my bones is that I can not not do what I do:  guide other women as they find their way back to happiness and true freedom.  That mission is crystal clear to me.

Using all the tools I’ve honed over the years — energy therapy, Moonology, astrology, chakra balancing — I focused not on perfection.  Not on doing things right.  Not on being right. Not on following templates.

I focused on what brings me JOY.

That focus can be so radical in a society based on consumerism and keeping up with the Jones’.

And yet the gift of midlife is that we stop focusing on stuff or what other people think and we start to centre our lives on what truly matters.  To me what matters is how we show up for ourselves; how we show up for our family and our communities.  

What matters is how we love, how we laugh, how we find joy through the ups-and-down of this journey called life. 

I believe that our life will be remembered through the people we love and the lives we’ve changed.

I believe that happy people create a better world.

I believe that women supporting other women can create a bigger impact than any one of us could ever dream of doing on our own.

I believe in the power of community.  We are internally wired to be together, to belong, to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Through the power of community, we can be the change we want to see in the world. 

Going through those midlife crisis and transformation is so hard to do on our own.  Honestly, you don't want to transform with robot-lead SEOs, Google and pointless ads.  You want to be with other women like you, on a similar journey so you too can feel held, uplifted and guided.

If you’re here at this crossroads between what was and all that is possible to be; between your old life of people-pleasing and your new life of empowered joy; between your old feeling-stuck-self and true freedom…  Apply for private mentorship and let's set you on your path for spiritual growth and empowerment.

Your new life adventure is waiting to be written.

Your phoenix is ready to rise again.

Reclaim your permission to be YOU and live life YOUR WAY.

Your community is waiting to welcome you with open arms and open hearts.